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TheatreCast01-The Glee-ification of Theatre in the Media


This is the show where where Theatre teachers and professionals share their passion for Theatre trends, share practical advice and tips, and ask questions of some of Theatre's most innovative collaborators.  

TheatreCast01-The Glee-ification of Theatre in the Media

Nick Cusumano

Join Nick Cusumano and Danielle  Filas for the premiere of TheatreCast! A podcast where Theatre teachers and professionals can share our passion for Theatre. In this episode, Nick and Danielle discuss current trend of TV shows like Glee  and SMASH who use “the Theatre” as setting for telling their stories.  They talk about writers who have got their start in Theatre  and who are now  branching out into other media and some who are coming  back to the stage. Advice  for new Theatre teachers was shared and how to integrate technology into their lessons.

Posted February 11,2013

Show Notes:

Hosts: Nick Cusumano & Danielle Filas

Theatre News

  • Smash by Theresa Rebeck. Danielle- Check out Family of Mann
  • Into the Woods with Meryl Streep coming to the big screen
  • Les Miserables on the big screen

What is the relationship between stage, small screen, and big screen?

  • Julie Taymor- Lion King, Tempest (film)
  • Theresa Rebeck- Family of Mann, Seminar
  • Tony Kushner - Angels in America, Lincoln
  • Alan Ball- Six Feet Under & True Blood, American Beauty, 5 Girls, One Acts
  • Tina Fey- Second City,SNL, Mean Girls, 30 Rock, new musical???

Question from Google Certified Teachers Group page-
I'm working with a new teacher who is developing her own curriculum since the teacher who left didn't leave anything. New teacher said she did buy a book. Nice. Now she would like to know how to add some technology to her curriculum. I have no clue about theater and drama. Ideas? Resources?

  • Books- Raising The Curtain by Gai Jones, anything by Viola Spolin, Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting, & Michael Shurtleff’s Audition.
  • My blog post from August-
  • Advice- Be nice to your secretaries and custodians
  • Try to find an interest outside of Theater
  • Take time for yourself
  • Google docs!- Use Google Docs to collaborate on script analysis, OR have your students collaborate in character a la Google Docs Master Edition where you can write and collaborate with authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Nitzche...
  • Google Search- Why not have your students do some background research about characters, settings, historical inspirations, etc. for the plays you read or perform? Here’s a little research project I did in order to figure out what kind of poison Goneril uses to kill Regan in Shakespeare’s King Lear.
  • Google Sketch-up & Google Drawing to create sets & light plots.
  • Google Art Project to do research on costumes, sets, stage pictures, etc.